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Discovering the town of gold, through its historical center

To visit Vicenza stirs lively emotions. There is plenty to do and see and because of its influence on the history of architecture, the town has been declared world heritage by UNESCO.

City highlights

  • A walk along Corso Andrea Palladio

    The monuments and palaces overlooking the main road reveal the great beauty of Vicenza, its charme and spirit.
  • Palazzo Chiericati

    This palazzo in the central Piazza Matteotti was planned by Palladio. It is now UNESCO world heritage and art gallery of the town.
  • Teatro Olimpico

    One more architectural masterpiece in Piazza Matteotti on the UNESCO world heritage list: the Teatro Olimpico, built in 1580/1585 by project of Andrea Palladio, and miraculously left undamaged after the air raids of World War II.
  • Palazzo Porto

    Also known with the name of Palazzo Breganze, it is located in Piazza Castello.
    This stately mansion was project of Palladio, but its building remained uncomplete.
  • The Palladian palaces of Contrà Porti.

    The most important is Palazzo Barbaran da Porto, location of the Palladium Museum.
  • The heart of Vicenza: Piazza dei Signori
    Piazza dei Signori is the heart of town.
    This picturesque rectangular place was built on the foundations of the ancient roman “foro”.
    It contains architectural masterpieces such as the Basilica Palladiana, the Torre Bissara, the Loggia del Capitanio and the Monte di Pietà
  • The Basilica Palladiana

    Located in Piazza dei Signori, it is an emblem of Vicenza. The Basilica is one of the most important national monuments and now venue for prestigious art exhibitions.
  • Andrea Palladio’s grave

    You cannot leave Vicenza without giving a farewell to its artistic father, a visit to the tomb of Andrea Palladio in Santa Corona church.
    He was protagonist of the sixteenth century golden age of Vicenza and the Venetian Republic.
    His work had also great influence on western architecture, to the point of exporting “palladianesimo” also in United States and England.
  • The Dome of Vicenza

    The Cathedral of Santa Maria Annunciata is located in Piazza Duomo.
    Because of its size and its green copper cupola, it can clearly be seen from the hill-top view of Vicenza, as from the Sanctuary of Monte Berico.
  • Museo Diocesano.

    The museum displays two tousand years of sacred art and the criptoportico romano, a roman cloister hidden underground.
  • Sanctuary of Madonna di Monte Berico.

    Built in the early 18th century on the top of a hill overlooking the town.
    Beyond its deep spiritual importance, it is visited for its breathtaking panorama on Vicenza.
    Close to the sanctuary are the Museo del Risorgimento e della Resistenza and two Palladian villas: Villa Capra “La Rotonda” and Villa Valmarana “Ai Nani”

The Jewel of Vicenza

Vicenza is known as the golden town thanks to its mastercraft in jewellery.
An exquisite example of handcraft skills is the Jewel of Vicenza, an ancient silver model of 16th century Vicenza, kept at the Museo Diocesano.


The leading role of Vicenza in jewels manufacturing and sales gave birth to VICENZAORO, one of the most important international jewellery trade fairs, which takes place two times a year.
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