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The products of Locanda and Colli Berici

Extra virgin olive oil, our home-made jams, wines of the Colli Berici

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The products of Locanda and Colli Berici

The extra virgin oil producted with the olives of our grove is obtained from different "cultivar", included the autoctone Casaliva and Grignan, which mature on the vocated soils surrounding the villa. No step is inducted artificially, we wait for the biological times of the trees and follow the attitudes of the different "cultivar".

The olives are harvested manually, at the right time for each "cultivar".

Olives are brought to the oil mill after a few ours from the harvest and are cold pressed with a two phasis continuous cycle processing.

The extra virgin oil is then decanted for 40 days, in stainless steel tanks kept at constant temperature 16°C and sheltered from light.

After two unproductive years, looking forward to the production of our new olive oil in November 2016, we have selected for our customers several high qualit extravirgin olive oils, either from local or italian origin


Above theese:


Az. Agr. Le Pignole  (Brendola - Colli Berici) extravirgin olive oil Muraroni, made only with the olives of their farm

OliBeA, consortium of Colli Berici producers: extravirgin olive oil  dop  Delfo, a blend of the best Colli Berici oils

Frantoio di Barbarano (Colli Berici) : extravirgin olive oil verde viola marasca 100% italian

Olearia del Garda (Bardolino) : organic extravirgin olive oil 100% italian

Oliv'e olio (Imperia):  organic extravirgin olive oil 100% italian

Oliv'e olio (Imperia):  extravirgin olive oil monocultivar taggiasca

Terre del sole (Bari):  extravirgin olive oil 100% italian 

LE MARMELLATE DI NOSTRA PRODUZIONE: sempre presenti la mattina sul buffet delle colazioni, sono il ricordo dolce che tutti i nostri clienti vogliono portare a casa.


I VINI DOC DEI COLLI BERICI: la "Strada dei Vini dei Colli Berici" produce ottimi vini con uve tai rosso, cabernet, merlot, carmenere, garganega, pinot bianco, sauvignon, chardonnay e prosecco. Facilissimo assaggiare le nostre migliori selezioni a cena nel nostro ristorante  e poi comprare qualche bottiglia del vostro vino preferito con il 30% di sconto sul prezzo della bottiglia alla carta.

   A tasty and refreshing wake up in the morning.