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Itineraries and suggestions on what to see in Veneto

A stay at Locanda degli Ulivi, surrounded by nature and close to many sites of interest to tourists, gives you the chance to shape your holiday according to your tastes.
  • Itineraries on Colli Berici

    Colli Berici are a vast excursions area, a real paradise for cycling holidays, strolls, trekking and nordik walking.
    Different itineraries of various difficulty level lead to caves, hermitages and ancient abandoned farmhouses, all set in pristine landscapes.
    The Valley of Fimon below the Locanda is the starting point of many routes.
  • Cycling and more

    The sloping roads of Colli Berici are always fun for sport lovers, cycling above all.
    Here you find the Giro d’Italia routes , mountainbike trails, relaxing bike paths and roads with almost no traffic, for a safe ride.
    The territory also offers facilities for practicing golf, horseback riding, fishing , mountain climbing, orienteering, paragliding, archery.
  • Golf, where nature meets relaxation

    Locanda degli Ulivi is close to Golf Club Colli Berici, which offers our customers favourable agreed rates.
    The Colli Berici Golf Club is situated on a hilltop privileged position, surrounded by the charming countryside of the Berici Hills, but at the same time easily accessible, with the motorway exit Montecchio and Vicenza West close by.
    The 18-hole course has an average altitude of 300 m. The first 9 holes, terraced to overlook the plain surrounding Vicenza, enjoy the splendid views of the Lessini Mountains and the Little Dolomites; the back nine, on the other hand, venture into dense, relaxing oak, hornbeam and chestnut woodland.
  • Lakes

    The Lake Fimon lays in the valley beneath the locanda. It is the only natural lake in Vicenza Province; a nature reserve perfect for game fishing and excurtions.
    In the nearby, you might also wish to vist the beautiful scenery of Lake Garda (75 km), or stop for a day trip to Gardaland.
  • Wine routes

    The long lasting wine tradition of Veneto is attested internationally by the exhibition Vinitaly and the more recent VinNatur, focused on organic and biodynamic wines. Veneto offers high quality wines, true symbols of our territory.
    A tour on the Colli Berci Wine Route gives the opportunity to discover the territory from the privileged point of view of its vineyards and wineries, for a perfect match of nature, cultur and wine and food tradition.
    It is always the right occasion to treat yourself with a nice glass of Tai Rosso, Cabernet, Merlot, Carmenere or Garganega accompanied by the popular soppressa vicentina dop.
  • The Palladian Villas

    A special mention is due to the Palladian Villas, famous all over the world.
    In the vast border region between Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia, about 60 Palladian Villas were built in the provinces of Vicenza, Padua, Treviso, Rovigo and Venice, although only 24 have been declared UNESCO World Heritage.
    The nearest in Vicenza are Villa Valmarana “Ai Nani”, with Tiepolo’s frescos, and Villa Almerico Capra, better known as “La Rotonda”, which has been taken as a model for architecture in the following centuries.
There is so much to see in Vicenza and its surroundings, contact us if you have any curiosity left!
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